Babywearing Coat


I’ve decided I’d really like one of these, since the babywearing is so much easier than last time and we’re getting out and about more anyway… so here’s my searchings over the past few days…

but first some light entertainment…

babywearing music video

So what I really thought I wanted was this…

MAM coat (£99)

I saw it a while ago and thought… yup… that would be a good investment. Trouble is I rarely wear coats… especially when babywearing… I overheat! So although this would last me a good long time (I plan on at least a couple more babies) I’m not sure I’d wear it that much, and if I did, I’d overheat bigtime.

This might be a real option, it’s from an american site though, so I’m not sure how much the shipping would be just yet…

peekaru $79.95

It’s a sleeveless coat, so I might manage in it… but then I saw the photo of the baby being carried on the back, with the coat reversed, and I think the high neck would drive me nuts… and since we’ll be back carrying as soon as I can manage to get my mei tei sewn… it would be a bit

I found this and this might be the answer to my issues…

No-Sew Babwearing Fleece Poncho (home made)

IF I ever get time to make it. I know the market in town on a Tuesday sells fleece by the metre, so it’s just a case of getting up there and buying some really. And it’ll be cheap.

This one would be an option also, if I could find a coat I actually like and fit me. (short with “weak” shoulders… is there any hope?!?)

Homemade babywearing coat (peaceful parenting)

There’s a few patterns on ravelry too, but that would take longer than I have, especially as I have a few projects that need finishing asap.

seaweed – this one is a rectangle with button holes more or less, and it extends your normal coat over the baby/pregnancy. Great if you already have a coat you like, and while you are able to front carry.

There’s this poncho which I like, and might have a go at when I have the needles and yarn to be able to. It’s in french though, which might mean I need to dig out my GCSE french. I got a B, but we all know how little that actually means in terms of real world learning.

Another poncho
(but this one is $15 instead of my favourite price.. FREE!)

And here are a few coats I came across which didn’t inspire me at all… they are very nice and probably very well made, but just not my thing at all… even if I could afford the price tag!

mama jacket babywearing coat (£138)

Äiskä Babywearing Poncho £110.00

and I’m sorry I can’t be as diplomatic about THIS… it’s vile. Puts me in mind of a dressing gown. Who wants to go out looking as if they’re wearing their baby in a dressing gown?? Especially a grey one. Yuck. As if babywearing doesn’t draw enough attention.

I don’t know what my problem is with sabotaging my own efforts to spend money on something nice for ME that looks good and makes our life easier… but I seem to have managed it AGAIN. I reckon I’ll be attempting the homemade poncho. If I can find a couple of fleece jackets that fit and I like (unlikely. but we’ll see) then I’ll probably have a go at that too… it’ll be cheaper overall… just need to find the time (she says sat typing away…. maybe I’ll lug the sewing machine downstairs today while I’m lucky enough to have Daddy home to watch the little angels 😀

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!


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  1. Come and see me Han, I'll get you to buy things 🙂 I normally just put my normal coat on around me and have baby in his carrier with a blanket tucked round. Although when we're outside we just use the pram most of the time to save my back. Hope you find what you're looking for.

  2. I like the no sew poncho….in case you wondered. I think it would suit you better…if you get too warm as you ALWAYS do you could just lift it a bit and willow could stay cosy! Yaaaay!

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