The front garden


I’ve been trying to dig my front garden up to plant vegetables and herbs and fruits for some time. The soil here is quite acid and very heavy with quite a bit of clay content. It’s not ideal, but I’m slowly improving it and digging farther into the lawn and planting a bit more each year.

This is when I planted out the sweet peas we had germinated indoors. I think seeing them out here and the start of the good weather sparked something in me and we have tomatoes and peppers and squash all going on the windowsills now.

I dug a bit further and had to take a photo to prove my progress to myself!

I’ve wanted a bay tree for a while and I finally treated myself. Not sure where it’s going to fit in and I’ll probably wait to decide on its permanent position until I’ve got the annuals in and thought about it some more.

Now I’ve planted s triangle of sugar snap peas.

Today we planted a pyramid of dwarf beans, and some early/maincrop peas.

I now need to dig more lawn so there’s space for a pyramid ( I know that’s not the right word!) of runner beans, which I wanted to plant today, but seem to have forgotten to buy the seeds. We also have a ludicrous amount of tomatoes growing indoors that I’m going to have to find space for, and I always like to grow beetroot. Carrots would be nice, but I don’t seem to have the knack of growing them. We already have potatoes in pits in the back garden, and I’ll probably grow the squash in containers in the back garden, where it tends to get more sun.

Very exciting, I’m glad to be spending more time at home!


Any thoughts...?

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